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Alginate moulding gel.

Made from 99% naturally derived ingredients including seaweed extracts.  Originally designed for mouth mouldings, it has been re-engineered it to make the perfect external body casting material, capturing every wrinkle and print of the skin.

It is 2018 lab tested and compliant with the latest EU Product Safety Directive and USA ASTM- D-4236 for use in hand, foot and external body mouldings 

Alginate is ideal for art and craft projects, life/external body casting, adult or baby hand or foot casting or craft workshops. This material is designed to make mouldings of external body parts or for fine art sculptures. 

We have no reported allergies from any users of our alginate since we started over 7 years ago. 

For your information, it has passed the EN71-3 toy safety test to ensure it does not contain any heavy metals

Alginate is chromatic - it changes colour as you work with it telling you which stage of the process you are at.

See DATA sheet below.

DATA Sheet


All our frames are hand made by an established family framing company.

The frames are made of wood with glass fronts. The mounts and backing boards come in a variety of colours as do the frame edges themselves.

All frames include a silver or gold engrave plate which include a name and age.



Every piece is hand painted by us.

We have several colours to choose from, Gold, Silver and Copper. There are three waxed colours giving an antique look to each colour, Antique Gold, Antique Silver and Antique Copper. The antique look hi-lites all the lines and features of the casting but it also makes the colour darker.

All these colours are included in the price.



Our casting stone is very solid and not easy to scratch with your finger nail.

We use Herculite 2 as our casting stone. We find this to be strong and solid as a whole. As with all tiny casts like little fingers that stick out, these can be damaged if dropped.

Hurculite 2 doesn't shatter in to small pieces like plaster of paris plaster. This is the perfect casting stone for durability and items that are likely to be handled frequently. Perfect for life casting when painted.


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