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Always Keepsakes and Castings


Where will my mould be done?..........At any of our events or at our studio in Okehampton, Devon.

How long does it take?.........Taking the mould itself is approximately sixty to ninety seconds per baby hand or foot (larger moulds take a little longer).

Is the mould safe for my baby?.........Yes, we use a substance called 'Alginate' which is medically approved. It's an amazing product made from seaweed. See DATA sheet on our casting page. They use it to make prosthetic limbs and in the dentistry to make teeth impressions.  Moulds can be taken from any age.

How do I pay?.....Payment in full via Cash, Bank transfer or card on the day.

How long before my keepsakes are complete?.......Keepsakes are ready for collection the next date we are at the store unless told otherwise. Normally 8 weeks.

Do you offer gift vouchers?..........Yes, these can be purchased in any values and be used as either full or part payment. Valid for one year.

Can I order extra sets for family or friends?..........Yes. You can order on the moulding day.

What should my child wear?..........Sleeves and trousers that can be rolled up. Generally it is not messy. Wet wipes are also handy although we do carry our own.


Payment............Payment in full when ordering. We accept cash, bank transfer or card.

How do we get your foot or handprint?............Upon ordering your hand or footprint piece we will take an inkless print of the hand/foot at the events. If you require to do it via post then you can send the image to us via social media or email.

How do we get your fingerprint?.......Upon ordering your Fingerprint piece we will take the print using Fingerprint putty.


What is the difference between fine silver & sterling silver?...............Sterling silver contains 92.5% silver, the rest being other metals added for strength. Fine silver is 99.9% silver is also known as pure silver.  All our links for chains or bracelets are sterling silver & are marked '925' by the manufacturer as confirmation of this.

Can you make me a piece using an existing hand or foot ink or paint print that I have?..............Yes,  send us a copy (or scan via email) of your prints, this can be any image including a childs drawing and we will miniaturize them and put them onto a piece of jewellery of your choice.

Are all of the pieces handmade?........Yes, each piece is made by hand. Nothing is machine made, this ensures that every single item is unique and no two look the same. Unlike mass produced jewellery found in shops, each of our pieces has its own unique look, which one would expect with a handcrafted item.

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