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The memory of a life time that will last always in 99.9% fine silver. Each piece is hand made and therefore unique to you alone. Various designs to suit you and your loved ones.

All prices given are for the complete item. We will send you an A4 size Inkless printing kit for you to get your loved ones prints (included in the price) with instructions. This simple kit allows you take your child's feet or hand prints, in an easy and mess free way.

Once your print has been returned to us we can transfer the print (in an exact miniaturised version) onto your chosen jewellery item. This process takes up to 28 days from when we recieve your print.

It's that easy! All pieces fitted with a 925 link. Other links available as extra.

A beautiful personalised necklace for Mum, Grandma or anyone.

Every piece is made with love for you.

Due to the nature of Finger prints not being visible, we will not take finger prints from under three years old. We recommend the hands or feet for under three years old.

General enquiries:- info@alwayskeepsakesandcastings.co.uk        Copyright © 2012 Always Keepsakes and Castings. Last modified: Jan 2016

The family pet, dog or cat, is very important in your life and we can capture their paw print in Silver.

Everything used is safe for your pet.

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Our pendants come in medium or large, the popular is medium approximately 2.7cm.

Pendants are ideal for two prints and can be engraved on the front or back. The large size is suitable for three prints with engraving.

Cut Outs These pieces are cut out by hand in to any shape to add that personal touch to your chosen design. Sizes and price varies according to design and requirements.  Available for Hand & Footprints, Messages, Doodles and also Pet prints.        

     Shapes include Butterfly, Heart, Oval, Square, Circle, Rectangle, Star and Funky

     Heart and Diamond.


Charms for Bracelets

Are you looking for that special add on that's unique.

These charms will fit a a good size finger print, hand or foot print even a paw print. We can engrave a name on the back (up to 8 characters).

They can be made to fit on any bracelet (special attachements are extra). Each charm comes with a 925 sterling Silver link.

They are all hand made and are approximately 1.7cm in size and 3mm thick made in Fine Silver. A nice little chunky piece.

Dog Tag, Key Ring, Bracelet or Pendant for the perfect Dad

These are ideal for Finger prints, Handprints, Footprint, Childs drawings or even his favourite pet Paw.

The perfect gift.

They can be attached to leather necklaces or Sterling Silver ball chains. The Dog Tags/Pendants are all hand made and can be made in various sizes from long and slim to short and wide.

Everything is fitted with a 925 Sterling Silver link ring.

Each Key Ring comes with a Sterling Silver 925 attachment for Keys so it's ready to use and gift.

Depending on your design, they can be personalised with an engraving on the back or front.

These are ideal for two or more prints.

The size varies upon shape, but on average they are 4 x 4cm at their widest points..

If you have your own design in mind we would gladly give you a price for making it.


Fine silver has a millesimal fineness of 999. Also called pure silver, fine silver contains 99.9% silver, with the balance being trace amounts of impurities. This grade of silver is used to make bullion bars for international commodities trading and investment in silver. Pure means no allergies from other metals.